How To Enlarge Your Penis

There's been a lot of hubbub in the media lately about penis enlargement pills

Are they a scam? | Do they work at all? | What makes them work?

I hope that this article will clear up any misconceptions and answer any questions that you may have on the subject of "penis enlargement pills".

Enlarging the penis naturally is accomplished by hyper expanding the chambers (corpora and corpus) of the penis, and/or stretching the suspensory ligaments which anchor the penis to the pubic bone. This may be accomplished with enlargement exercises and with the use of supplements.

One such supplement company that I have researched is VigRX. Their claims are legitimate and not overhyped, and their company, Albion Medical has been around for quite some time now. This is a very difficult thing to accomplish in the supplement industry.

Many men have found that with age and/or disuse, their penises have actually SHRUNKEN over time! VigRX contains all-natural herbal ingredients that force more blood into the penis when it's erect (like Viagra, but without the negative side effects), which forcefully
expand the chambers of the penis.
What this means is that your penis will become erect more easily and that your erections will be harder. From that, your penis is forced back into the shape and size that you had when you were in your prime.

If you've always had a small penis due to erectile problems, then VigRX will have your penis functioning at optimal levels. That of course, will help you achieve your full, natural growth potential.

What if your penis is normal in size already and you've never had any sort of erectile problems? Well, it's been medically proven that the harder and more frequent erections that you have, the bigger your penis will be.

With regular supplementation of your diet with VigRX, your penis will have that semi-erect "heavy" feeling throughout the day. This in itself will foster growth. Combine VigRX with a natural male enhancement program like that found at Speed Penis Enlargement, and you have a recipe for rapid and safe penile growth.

The effects of VigRX have been proven time and time again- not just through empirical evidence, but by their happy, satisfied clients. Men keep buying VigRX because VigRX works! As a matter of fact, customer satisfaction is the reason why VigRX is the number one selling male enhancement supplement on the internet today.

The bottom line is that there is no "magic pill" that will make everything happen with no effort; but if you're looking for a supplement that delivers the results that it promises, and if you have the patience, desire, and dedication to see your enlargement plans through, then supplementing your diet with VigRX will help you achieve your goals!

For more details, please visit the enlargement pills section.

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Does age matter?

There have been numerous debates about the size of the penis and if it does it affect a man's ability to function. While no clear cut answer has been found in this regard, a more relevant question here should be does age matter?

Old age and ED (Erectile Dysfunction)  

It is a known fact that as we grow older, the functions of our body slow down. Right from the metabolic rate to sexual performance, everything goes on a decline. Apart from the hormonal changes in the body, stress, lifestyle and nutrition also contributes to make an older person less effective. This is why ED is a problem that is often associated with those over the age of 40.

Here, the issue is not of length or girth of the penis but more about its ability to achieve and maintain an erection long enough to last through the sexual episode. A drop in libido is also caused by the quality of relationship between the two partners and can often cause ED.

Of course, this is not to say that younger men cannot fall prey to ED. About 52% of all men will suffer from ED and while the scales do tilt toward the older section, younger men also contribute to this statistics. Right from a physical, psychological or physiological factor, almost anything can lead to ED.

Signs of ED

Inability to achieve a full erection and maintain it is the first sign of ED. Those who find that the problem occurs regularly should seek a diagnosis. Bad eating habits, lack of sleep, increased stress are few of the factors that lead to ED. ED, in turn, causes anxiety and depression, which aggravates the situation further.

Treatment for ED
The extent of the problem and its cause will decipher the treatment path most suitable for the curing of ED. In some cases simply solving the psychological issues will be enough to treat the problem while others will require lifestyle changes. Yet others may need medical intervention.

Herbal pills, such as MaleExtra are known to be a rather effective cure for ED mainly due to the fact that they do not have side effects and the herbs offer a holistic treatment for the problem. If the cause of the problem lies in a medical ailment like diabetes or high BP, then treatment for these diseases will need to be followed for controlling the ED effects.

Age and ED do seem to have a relationship going, but this does not mean that every person who is old will suffer from ED. Similarly this does not mean that a younger person will never face the problem.

ED can affect anyone and is treatable at almost any age. Therefore, it is important to not keep falling further into the trap and break the vicious circle of ED and frustration, irrespective of your age or the extent of the problem.


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